The Best of 2015

There are 12 days of Christmas, they say. And we’re already on the fifth.

But nonetheless, I thought I’d take this opportunity, in the last Pocketblog of the year, to look back over more than 50 posts and more than 50 great management thinkers and doers, at my favourites.

I have selected 12 – one for each day of Christmas; one for each month; one for each of the ancient Sibyls; one for each of the mediaeval City of London great livery companies; one for each of the gods of Olympus… It seems 12 is a popular number.

My choices are personal: sometimes for the person, sometimes for the article. Take them or leave them. Re-read them or stick them into Pocket. Your choice.

And if someone from this lot isn’t to your taste, why not indulge in some TED fun…

A prize (not really) for the best management lesson that any reader can draw from this and add to our comments below.

We wish all of our readers a very
happy and
healthy and
prosperous and
peaceful 2016.



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